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The Future of Branding

A Common Language must be established to advance branding and communications. PUBLIC has isolated the core elements of brand perception and developed a diagnostic model that gives brands unprecedented understanding of how they are viewed in the marketplace. It is rigorous, consistent, and insightful.

PANIC is the future of branding; the crossroads of data-driven insights and benchmarking tools which give communicators the foundation to build transformative media strategies and tactics.

Elements of PANICTM

The Building Blocks of Brand



What the Brand Stands For

Purpose defines everything about a brand and dramatically alters consumer perception, if the brand can effectively communicate their passion.



How the Brand Presents Itself

The entire presentation of the brand. Aesthetic refers to every design choice that implies the core values of the brand.



The Conversation Surrounding the Brand

Narrative combines the brand's history, methods and mission into a concise conversation that informs and provokes interest.



Notable consumers endorsing the brand

Influencers form a power coalition of 3rd party approval, including brand ambassadors and powerful, like-minded associations, who combine their own credibility to the brand's core values and process.



The Actual Quality of the Product

Craftsmanship is the benchmark for all other PANIC elements, which must match the investment in quality made by the brand.


The Process

PANIC Brand Metrics work for any brand at any level. Every PANIC evaluation begins with a detailed discovery process and organized discussion with top executives.

Once completed, PANIC insights can be employed to develop strategies, hone tactics and create an objective benchmark for long-term goals.

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Tiered Services

PANICTM Evaluation

Comprehensive brand consultation, independent discovery research and competitive analysis, all conducted by experienced brand experts.

Gives brands a nuanced understanding of strength and weakness in the marketplace, with guidance for initial branding strategies.

PANICTM Integration

PANIC insights are compiled and distilled into effective strategy and tactics for both short and long communications goals. Data analysis, including consumer and industry surveys, are employed on a case-by-case basis.

PANIC will provide periodic evaluations, using the PANIC elements as benchmarks for evaluating the brand's changing perception.

Complete PANICTM

All services mentioned above, plus a full, data-driven analysis of brand perception in the marketplace.

Using a full suite of consumer and web analytics, PANIC will provide real-time understanding of brand perception, while serving as a brand advisor for any contingency.